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Unbiased Advice for Independent Investors
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Mutual Fund Investor Guide
Mutual Fund Investor Guide
Unbiased Advice for Independent Investors
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Global Momentum Guide: Technical Investing Strategies for the Frequent Trader
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Global Momentum Guide

For investors who are active traders, having timely data and investment recommendations is crucial, yet often difficult to find. After years of research and testing, the Mutual Fund Investor Guide has created a real-time trading strategy to ensure you purchase only those funds that gaining strength while avoiding laggards.

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The Global Momentum Guide is a weekly trading strategy which uses our proprietary momentum tracking algorithms. Combining numerous technical indicators, we rank over 200 mutual funds and ETFs to determine which investment sectors are increasing in demand and those that are falling out of favor.

Our mechanical and quantitative trading system utilized in the Global Momentum Guide can be applied systematically each week, taking the emotion out of the investment decision-making process.

Each week we evaluate:

  • 41 Fidelity Select Sector Mutual Funds
  • 96 Sector Specific ETFs
  • 92 Global and Country Specific ETFs

Based upon technical indicators, we create 4 Model Portfolios which you can easily follow each week:

  1. Fidelity Select Sector Model
  2. ETF Sector Model
  3. ETF International Model
  4. ETF Blended Model (combining the top sector and international ETFs)

Our 4 momentum based portfolios are designed to position your portfolio in the sectors that are doing the best today while selling the worst performing sectors. Each Monday, we will provide the actionable advice you can use to immediately reposition your portfolio.

If you prefer to not follow our models directly, you still have the tools to cherry pick the best holdings and create a portfolio of your own.

We are confident you will find all of the data and knowledge you need in order to make informed and successful investment decisions in the Global Momentum Guide.

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