Unbiased Advice for Independent Investors
Unbiased Advice for Independent Investors
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Mutual Fund Investor Guide
Mutual Fund Investor Guide
Unbiased Advice for Independent Investors
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Investor Guide to Vanguard Funds

Vanguard mutual funds have traditionally been some of the lowest priced products available. For the independent investor, their product offerings have been numerous. While Vanguard has a wide selection of their own products, they also provide hundreds of other funds available without transaction fees.

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With the significant number of mutual funds available, it can be challenging to determine the right solutions to meet your investing goals. The Investor Guide to Vanguard Funds evaluates these possibilities and provides you unbiased recommendations that you can act on immediately. My focus is to provide sound strategies that capitalize on current market conditions, while also minimizing the risks associated with investing.

The Investor Guide to Vanguard Funds provides concise and timely advice on each Vanguard mutual fund, plus those funds available without a transaction fee. Each month, you will receive buy, hold and sell recommendations for each fund, plus my proprietary Strength Analysis Ranking.

You will also have access to my risk focused Model Portfolios. Whether you are a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor, my models enable you to choose a strategy that best suits your needs.

As a member of the Investor Guide to Vanguard Funds, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. 12 or 24 Monthly Issues Delivered By First Class Postal Mail or Immediate Online Access
  2. Buy, Hold & Sell Recommendations for over 650 Mutual Funds
  3. 9 Model Portfolios Positioned to achieve Aggressive, Moderate or Conservative Returns
  4. Weekly Market Updates Delivered By Email
  5. Access to all of my latest Special Reports

My personal commitment to help you best use the Investor Guide to Vanguard Funds. If you ever have a question regarding my recommendations, model portfolios or market outlook my expectations for the market, simply call me at 888-252-5372. I would be happy to speak with you individually to ensure you are receiving substantial value from your membership.

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